* Multi-layered foam padding with flexible board for enhanced protection
* Two supportive handles for secure and comfortable grip.
* Durable metal hook on the rear side.
* Ergonomically designed adjustable backpack straps and padded mesh back support.
* GigPillow (TM) system protects the guitar's vulnerable joint connecting the neck and body with shock absorbing memory foam.
* GigSaddle (TM) system protects the guitar body surface, bridge, pickup, controls knobs, and strap pin.
* Rain Jacket
* Animal free

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Price: $124.99
List Price: $154.99

* International buyers, please contact us first to purchase a gig bag *
- We use USPS Priority Mail for all International shipments.
- There are some countries that we cannot ship to due to the size restrictions of USPS.
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* More than just a high quality case/gig bag. Front compartment for storage that will fit your laptop, tuner, cables, tools, etc. *

Available colors: Black

Fits the following basses:
Fodera, MTD, Sadowsky, Ken Smith, Fbass, Alleva-Coppolo, Celinder, Jerzy Drozd, Fender Jazz, Fender P bass, Mike Lull, Alembic, Bee Basses, Spector, Lakland, Modulus, Zon, Roscoe, Yamaha, Music Man, Warwick, Spector, G&L, Kubicki, Pedulla, Status, Tobias, Wal, Conklin, Rickenbacker, Sukop, Benavente, Low End Jazz, Nordstrand, Nordy, Pavel, Watson, Sheridan Basses, M Basses, Skjold, Ibanez


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